During the month of October

Good news, good news! The chapel is opening for worship services during September. Please note that face coverings must be worn throughout the service and at all times while inside the building.

Service times are as follows:

October 4th 6.30pm; October 11th 10.30am;

October 18th 6.30pm; October 25th 10.30am

It will be great to see all of you who feel able to come, but …

1. Please do not go beyond what you feel comfortable with.
2. Hand sanitiser will be available in the lobby and should be used by everyone before proceeding into the main church area.

3. Please come in and take a seat, there may not be anybody at the door to welcome you, but feel welcome anyway.
4. Please follow the signs telling you which pews are in use – we have to limit the pews in order to maintain social distancing.
5. We will have hymns during the service, but we cannot sing them. You will not need a hymn book. We will not stand for hymns.
6. After the service, please maintain social distancing – it is tempting to gather in huddles for a chat but we have to ask you not to do this and to leave the building promptly, leaving 2 metres between your family group and the one ahead of you.
7. There will be no communion services for the foreseeable future – but we cannot see very far into the future!